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Now work with us to ensure timely implementation of your digital transformation projects within the budget.

We support you in the successful implementation of your digitalization projects. For example, support with software development and implementation. Take advantage of our many years of project management experience from developing customized digital solutions. Our own IT security team for critical infrastructure also ensures compliance with the criteria for prevention, detection, mitigation and awareness. Numerous installed PLANFOX on premise and cloud hospital applications and hospital references make us a really practical partner.

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We help you to implement your individual IT plans on time. No matter which digitization step lies ahead of you.

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From our more than 120 experienced experts , we provide a multidisciplinary team tailored to your digitalization roadmap.

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From advice to tendering to turnkey development and implementation of solutions – we are happy to support you in every phase of your digital development.

Digital patient portals for hospitals

We understand: every hospital, every clinic and every specialist area has individual patient management requirements .

From numerous different, tried and tested functional modules, we will work with you to put together a patient portal that is precisely tailored to your needs. The focus is on user friendliness for patients and employees.