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More function.
More user-friendliness.
More safety.

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Implementation of patient portals

We want a patient portal that ...

  • tailor-made to our hospital needs and
  • fits and supplements our existing legacy systems,
  • offers the best tried and tested digital solutions on the market for us (best-of-breed),
  • is still offered and integrated from a single source in order to minimize our effort,
  • and can grow in a future-proof manner on the basis of a manufacturer- and hardware-neutral platform.

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Your solution: The PLANFOX patient portal

the cunning kind of digitalization


Largest choice of tried and tested functional modules

Vendor-neutral PLANFOX platform as the basis


Interoperable with existing HIS and other providers


Future -proof, simple introduction of further best-of-breed solutions


Integration of your entire patient portal from a single source

Coverage of the entire patient journey & treatment path

From admission management through treatment to discharge and transition management

The digital patient portal combines the needs of the patient and the hospital.

Use our product to design more efficient and successful patient management along your new digital patient journey. Thanks to the manufacturer-neutral PLANFOX portal platform, you have a huge selection of functional modules from various specialized providers. In this way, you will always find exactly the range of functions for your hospital patient portal that ideally suits your processes.

Your advantage: Our PLANFOX partner network is the largest software ecosystem for everything to do with the digital patient journey. From patient admission, anamnesis, referral, appointment scheduling, document exchange, digital patient communication, optional services, check-in, digital rounds, digital nurse call system, entertainment, visitor management, treatment documentation, education, orientation and navigation, resource management, tracking & tracing, patient transport to to the transition for subsequent treatments and much more.

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We understand hospital

Do not try your unique processes and patient behavior adapt to existing software. But choose a smart product that individually and future-proof in each case to your current needs can be adjusted.

Based on the already successful in other industries established software eco-systems, we call the "patient portal 4.0"

These hospitals are already relying on smart solutions from PLANFOX

The future-proof solution

A smart PLANFOX platform as the basis for a smart hospital

We will put together a customized patient portal for you, or you can determine which module from which provider suits your needs. This enables you to have a patient portal that is precisely tailored to your clinic needs and processes.

The PLANFOX platform serves as the foundation for integrating our various patient portal modules and the existing hospital information system (HIS). We rely on a manufacturer-neutral basis. This interoperable patient portal foundation between HIS and various digital applications enables your future-proof best-of-breed digitization strategy.

Freedom: Use our flexible module selection

No more and no less than you really need! Decide easily and flexibly for yourself which proven modules from which manufacturers are best for you. Or let us put together a digital PLANFOX patient portal based on your requirements from the tried and tested modules of our partners. Benefit from the PLANFOX Partner Eco-System, the largest network of providers for everything to do with the digital patient journey. There are many patient engagement functionalities that inspire.

A small selection of our modules

Your own clinic app

An app that is individually designed for your hospital design enables patients to quickly access the patient portal from anywhere. Push notifications about appointments, communicating with your staff and retrieving treatment information are all covered in a single app. All other functions, such as the guidance system for finding your way around on site or the digital anamnesis, can also be easily accessed by patients on their own device via the app.

Appointment coordination

Patients can conveniently request appointments for outpatient, partial and full inpatient treatment at your hospital from the comfort of their home. General practitioners and other upstream service providers can also do this for people to be treated. Your staff can coordinate appointments before, during and after the hospital stay, from the actual treatment to preliminary and follow-up examinations.

Cross-sectoral exchange

For a structured exchange with downstream service providers, you can pass on important documents and treatment information via our patient portal. We also cover the coordination with regard to suitable free capacities for downstream supply needs. In this way, free capacities can be found within a network of outpatient and inpatient care or rehabilitation providers in a time-saving manner.

Digital rounds

Visits can be greatly simplified with our PLANFOX patient portal. Your medical staff can use any mobile device to access the most important patient and treatment information from the HIS or other patient data management systems during their rounds.

Digital anamnesis

Even before the stay or treatment in your clinic, patients are enabled to take a digital personal anamnesis. This is also transferred to the HIS, for example. The hospital's admission management can view, edit and evaluate the patient's medical history in preparation for treatment.

EPR connection

Our patient portal interfaces enable you to save patient data in their electronic patient file (according to §341 SGB V). At the request of the patient or their authorized relatives, the patient data can also be transferred to other digital files.

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Hospital patient app

Would you like to find out more about our flexible patient portal?

Contact us now. We are happy to help.

Hello Patient Portal 4.0

PLANFOX is more than a patient portal provider. We ensure that hospitals receive IT fundamentals on which they can build in a future-proof manner. We provide you with systems that are based on vendor-neutral, interoperable platforms and therefore expand your selection of suppliers. And not being tied to one provider always means being able to choose the most suitable solution for you from many providers (best-of-breed). Based on the proven integration platforms of Industry 4.0, we call it: “Patient Portal 4.0”.

In addition to the minimum requirements of the patient portal, further patient management functions can therefore be added step by step at any time. For example, chatbot-led personal history, language variants, an Android / iOS patient app, adaptation to your hospital corporate design, visit management, the network of outpatient and inpatient care or rehabilitation providers that best suits your region and much more. Our digital patient portal for hospitals with the various partner modules fully meets the required criteria for all areas: admission management, treatment management, discharge and transition management. 

And best of all: Thanks to the manufacturer-neutral PLANFOX platform, you can easily expand your digital patient journey and treatment paths step by step at any time with new interoperable function modules available on the market. For example, with digital patient solutions for the special requirements of individual departments such as obstetrics or ophthalmology.

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We are happy to accompany you on your way to digitization, also with our hospital process consulting know-how. We always focus on people. We have therefore become an important long-term digitization partner for many of our customers.

Do you need support in the implementation of your digitalization projects beyond the patient portal? We would be happy to advise and support you.

Your experienced implementation partner

Project support and process consulting

The introduction of a clinic-wide patient portal represents an enormous challenge, both for those responsible for the process and for the staff who are supposed to work with the patient portal. With our many years of expertise in the integration of large software solutions, we support you in the introduction of the PLANFOX patient portal. From the joint creation of an introductory roadmap, through individual process consulting, to employee training, we are at your side during and after the installation of your portal.

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Best of breed

Now lay the foundation for your smart hospital. Use the most suitable software solution (best-of-breed) for each of your tasks. Together with you, we select the optimal modules for your patient portal. This is made possible by our integration platform between existing IT systems (e.g. HIS) and the patient management modules of numerous partner companies. Benefit from the advantages of the best-of-breed strategy through our digital solution from a single source.

Patient-centered patient portal

User centered

In addition to their main tasks in patient care, your hospital staff has no time to familiarize themselves with complex applications. Those treated should also find their way around quickly and not be overloaded with unnecessarily complicated technology. For these reasons, we place a special focus on user-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces. With a holistic patient platform tailored to the needs and skills of your staff and the people to be treated, we guarantee fast and efficient handling.

One login for everything

Thanks to single sign-on (SSO) and the PLANFOX platform as the basis of the patient portal, there is an end to forgetting passwords and non-data protection sticky notes with login data on the monitors. Your staff can quickly and easily access all functions of the portal with just one login, even if the modules are provided by different manufacturers (best-of-breed approach).

IT security and data protection

The PLANFOX platform is developed and programmed in Germany with system architecture according to security-by-design, privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default, GDPR-compliant, end-to-end encryption and token -based authentication. The PLANFOX platform thus exceeds the legally required requirements and standards for IT and cybersecurity.



Seamless integration of different software manufacturers gives you a wide range of functionalities and flexibility. Thanks to interfaces (HL7, FHIR), we can also easily connect systems that you are already using, such as HIS, to our PLANFOX patient portal. such as CGM CLINICAL and CGM MEDICO (CompuGroup Medical), ClinicCentre (I-Solutions Health), iMedOne (T-Systems), ISH-Med (Cerner), M-KIS (Meierhofer), NEXUS / KIS NG (NEXUS), ORBIS (Dedalus) or principa (PlanOrg). This means that our portal can be expanded at any time and is the ideal basis for the digital upswing of your hospital.

Made in Germany

All of our services are Made in Germany, from development to support!

Hosting in Germany


We are the healthcareBusiness area of XITASO . We unite specialists who pursue a common goal for the healthcare sector: creating time for people.

For their digital transformation, hospitals use our expertise in process optimization, agile project management, data analytics, software integration and software engineering.

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