Video contribution: Duty planning well resolved

How structures and rules improve the quality of your planning.

In the healthcare sector, duty scheduling can be done manually or automatically. In manual creation, experts plan on the basis of knowledge and rules that they have acquired over several years. Structures are created intuitively, which often only exist in the minds of those responsible for the duty roster and are not documented. To improve the process, it is advisable to structure the planning according to technical criteria. This leads to greater transparency, reduces the effort and forms the basis for possible automation of the process.

Duty planning expert Dr. Christopher Gross shows which structures are hidden in the scheduling of doctors and which advantages result from the use of these structures.


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Dr. Christopher Gross has been working intensively on the scheduling of doctors in hospitals since 2014 and can look back on several scientific publications in high-ranking specialist journals in this area. He lets his experience into the development of the software PLANFOX personnel deployment planning are incorporated in order to create the prerequisites for the automation of planning in clinics of all types and sizes.

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