PLANFOX Visit Management

Registration and documentation of visitors

Efficient and secure documentation of visits to hospitals and nursing homes.


Your benefits

  • Reduced staffing requirements at admission control including visitor pre-registration
  • Reliable collection and documentation of data with extensive evaluation options
  • Quick reaction in case of infection
  • GDPR-compliant data storage and compliance with legal requirements
  • Increased satisfaction among visitors


Check-in mit QR-Code

Check-in with QR code

Auswertung mit Besucherliste

Evaluation with visitor list

The most important functions

Secure and data protection-compliant process

Icon Sicher und datenschutzkonform

You have the choice: We process the data either on a server provided by you or in an ISO 27701 certified cloud solution with servers in Germany, taking into account the high level of requirements for data protection and data security in accordance with the legal regulations.

Evaluability according to different aspects

Icon Auswertbarkeit

Instead of being hidden in piles of paper, all data is digitally captured and transparently and clearly processed. In this way, they can be looked through, evaluated and sorted according to various criteria. On this basis, contact persons can be quickly and reliably identified and contacted in the event of infection.

“The operation is simple and makes it easier to work in reception in a sustainable manner. This also provides more comfort for our visitors. Using the PLANFOX solution has enabled us to reorganize our visit management.”

Susanne Arnold
Care Director
University Hospital Augsburg

“PLANFOX Visit Management helps us a lot with the entry situation. In particular, pre-registration is very important for us, as this will allow us to make the process of access screening more effective.”

Bernd Lechner
Executive director
KJF Clinic Josefinum

How can your house benefit?
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